It Begins

Nurse Teeny is thus far 1/1 in job application success! I had a voice mail awaiting me after class on Friday afternoon, inviting me to interview for the Med-Surg internship! I am beyond thrilled!

The process was not without its share of snafus, however. I got an automated e-mail from the hospital on Monday saying I did not meet their minimum qualifications. As if!

I triple-checked that job description and I was not going to take “No” without a fight.

I think the snag was that the job posting said “BSN required.” I do have a baccalaureate education from my previous degree, but because we already have that undergrad degree, our program skips the BSN. We take the pre-licensure curriculum and become licensed as RNs through a special agreement with the state board nursing, provided we continue our education and get our MSN.

The problem is, one of the questions on the application was “Will you have a BSN by Winter 2009-10?” I had to answer “No” because I won’t, even though I DO have a Bachelor’s degree (cum laude, even!). Since it was an online application, my response was automatically flagged for a rejection.

So when I got my “Thanks but no thanks” message, I immediately e-mailed the nurse recruiter and explained the situation. She made sure I’d be taking the NCLEX in time for the internship and agreed to pull out my application for review. Four days later I got the call for an interview!

The moral of the story is: Persistence pays off! Especially in the era of online applications, it’s important to make a personal connection and be assertive when applying to jobs for which you think you’re qualified. Technicalities can get you flagged for elimination during the first cut, but make sure you do your homework and confirm with a human being.

Next on the agenda…Meet with my capstone unit nurse manager. The stated purpose is to pick her brain about the role of management, but you can bet I’ll be bringing my resume, cover letter and references with me too! 🙂

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