Oral Fixation

The next 7 days are going to be critical to beginning the end (does that make any sense? My brain is mush).

Tomorrow are my oral comprehensives. I sit in front of two faculty members and tell them what our nursing school’s program objectives mean to me, plus provide examples from my class and clinical experiences. Not daunting at all.


A week from tomorrow is my ATI comprehensive exam, which apparently predicts our likelihood of passing the NCLEX. We have to pass at a certain level for the school to release our names to the state board of nursing. If we don’t, we have another chance to retake in December. If we don’t pass that, we have to take a review class at our own expense and pass an assessment before they release our names.

The good news is, I took a practice test before I started my study plan in September and another practice test today. My score increased by 9 percentage points! And I’m in the range of passing if I were to take the test today. But I still have to buckle down and take my studies seriously for the next seven days.

The home stretch is here, folks.

Now I just have to become gainfully employed. Which will be a challenge considering they cancelled the internship I was invited to interview for.

Welcome to the real world, Nurse Teeny! 🙂

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