One of my friends has dubbed the ATI Comprehensive Predictor our program’s “exit exam”. That’s a really good way to look at it, especially considering we’re not eligible to take the NCLEX until pass this 185-question monster.

Which begins tomorrow at 0800. I’m amazed I have fingernails left.

I was going to take one more practice test tonight, but I decided that it would make me completely freak out if I scored lower than last time. And I do NOT need to have a nervous breakdown less than 12 hours before the real thing. So I will take a Melatonin (my Godsend for early bedtimes and earlier mornings) and tuck myself in with my drug and lab values flashcards until I pass out.

I’ll be waking with the roosters and fitting in a little Tae Bo action to get the heart pumping and the blood circulating. It seems fitting to visualize giving this test a knockout punch. 😉

May visions of CVP values and theophylline levels be dancing in my head…

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