Losing Seconds

I don’t know what it was about today, but I am TIRED!

*Sing it with me folks…tired of being admired. Sorry, a little History of the World humor for ya*

Which speaks to how delirious I am. For the first time I assumed responsibility for all three patients and delegated to my nurse. Or tried to. Our patients turned out to be Busy with a capital “B”. And for some reason I was not on my game today…I thought I had charted things I actually hadn’t, felt really slow on the uptake and was just generally overwhelmed. It was not a good feeling.

But oh well, that’s life.

Two more shifts to go. I met with our nurse manager last week to express my interest in employment and she said there were no current openings but that I should “stay in touch.” A couple nurses were hinting today that there may be some opportunities opening up. Given the current economy and local nursing job market, that would certainly be a coup!

Now I’m eating some delicious homemade pizza (Thank you, S!) and going back to bed…

Nite nite!

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