Baking Fiend

My last clinical day got moved from Wednesday to tomorrow. Even though I was hoping to prove I could survive 3 days taking 3 patients by myself, I’m somewhat relieved. Both of my shifts were absolutely draining, and this way I can drive to the hospital since it’s a weekend and just take in my last day on the floor. Plus, I have time to bake some treats for the awesome staff. Pumpkin muffins, anyone? 🙂

I turned in my last paper today. All I have left is an annotated bibliography – the research/reading part is done, so it’s just a matter of typing everything up. Piece of cake, I hope.

So one last shift, and then I plan to stay in my PJs all day Sunday, bake a little more for Ronald McDonald House, and snuggle up to watch the snow flurries that are forecasted to fall. Time to get into the Christmas spirit!

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