Review: Timberland PRO Renova

A while back I was contacted by Timberland about trying out a pair of their new Renova series shoes for female health care professionals. Never one to turn down free kicks, I readily agreed and was quickly shipped a pair of shiny new nursing shoes. (Hosting a blog has some pretty sweet perks!)

The Renova series features three lines of professional shoes: Professional, Provider, and Caregiver.

The Professional line reminds of my Danskos: closed back and clog-like make…

The Provider is the athletic-wear version…

And the Caregiver is reminiscent of the good-ol’ Croc (minus the holes and WAY more stylish, though)…

At first glance, I was impressed about the options. I decided to request a pair of the Providers, because I already had a pair of Danskos and I wanted some athletic-looking shoes that I could wear on the unit.

Overall, they did not disappoint. The arch support was just right – not too high, not too low, and I did not notice any fatigue until the very end of my shift.

My major complaint would be that they weren’t wide enough at the toe. I started to feel a little bit of friction along my baby toes and although it wasn’t painful, it wasn’t pleasant either. I’ll still definitely wear them, but they aren’t shoes I would wear more than one day at a time. My toes would need a little break. Maybe as I wear them more, they’ll stretch out a bit and that won’t be a problem, but I would have loved a wider version if they had one.

Here’s a breakdown of the basics:

  • Fit: I ordered a size 9, and they fit just right. ‘Just wish they had a wide version.
  • Color: White is not my favorite, but the Provider line only comes in white. I do like the stripes on the side, though. Very simple and classy. The other two lines have more color options.
  • Comfort: Save for the toe issue, their “anti-fatigue” technology seems to do the trick. My feet were fine after a 12-hour shift.
  • “Ick Factor”: The athletic-style means more crevices and cracks for bacteria and other hospital-hosted nastiness to hide in. So that’s a minus, especially because such crevices and cracks make them harder to clean. This pair will be reserved for clinical use only and will probably not live in my closet with my other shoes. But that’s not really Timberland’s fault. It’s just one of the perils of working in health care.

My overall impression: A-/B+. Well done, Timberland! I’ll probably be returning for more!

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