Nurse Teeny got her RN pin this weekend! It means that I have met my school’s qualifications for becoming a Registered Nurse.

Pinning is a ritual that dates back to 1880, when the first nursing badge was given at the Nightingale School of Nursing in New York. Pins are symbols of where the nurse graduated, and many nurses display their pins on their uniform to demonstrate pride in their training and education.

It was a very special ceremony…my family and grandparents flew here to celebrate with me, and it was a fitting way to wrap up our pre-licensure program.We’ll have spring semester off to find jobs and get adjusted, and pick back up with our graduate level classes next May. Kinda crazy to know I won’t be buying textbooks in a few weeks.

I am NO LONGER a student nurse! I am a new grad RN-to be. Just gotta get through that NCLEX…

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