Giveaway! NCLEX Review Materials

So Nurse Teeny got a little overzealous about procuring NCLEX study materials back in August. I didn’t even touch one book, and barely broke into my flash cards.

So I decided my nerdiness should benefit you all!

Leave a comment on this post about your most helpful study habit/tip, to enter for a chance to win Saunders’ NCLEX review goodies!

Saunders’ Q & A Review for the NCLEX-RN


Saunders Q & A Review Cards for the NCLEX-RN

I am HUGE fan of Saunders’ materials, especially the practice questions. I took a handful of flash cards to the gym with me during the last week before the NCLEX. The rationales are especially helpful for reviewing content and thinking “NCLEX-y”.

Submit your comment by Sunday, January 3 at noon PST. I will randomly select a winner to receive a big ol’ Nurse Teeny care package. 🙂

Note: Make sure you check NCSBN’s candidate website for the 2010 test plan, which goes into effect in April. Test plans are revised every few years and you should definitely stay abreast of the planned changes. The study materials will still be very helpful, but there are always a few adjustments that you should be aware of before you walk into that testing center!

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