Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Nurse…

‘Thought I’d at least provide a little twisted nursing humor while we twiddle our thumbs…

  1. They can help you get over a hangover or sickness
  2. Bedbaths!
  3. The uniform
  4. They are exposed to so many xrays, its like a form of birth control
  5. You will never need to buy condoms, paracetamol (a.k.a. Tylenol), toothbrushes or any hospital supplies
  6. They know how to handle bodily fluids!
  7. Nothing shocks a nurse, they have always seen smaller or indeed bigger!
  8. They wont be disgusted by your toilet habits
  9. They are experienced in manual evacuation when you’re full of crap
  10. They know how to handle the human body!!!!!!!

More to come… 🙂

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