Back To Reality…Sort Of

The gluttony and sloth of the past week in Mexico were glorious. Just what Nurse Teeny needed after 18 months of nursing school. But I gotta tell ya, it was really nice to walk into my apartment with S and our two dogs and be home again!

It’s going to be a weird few months, with a lot of free time and NO school. Our graduate classes don’t start until May, to give us time to “transition” from student nurse to RN.

Which hopefully includes finding a job. Every time I mentioned this upcoming challenge to friends or relatives over the holidays, they cheerfully said, “Oh, they’ll be knocking down your door to hire you, especially with the nursing shortage and all.”

Not so much, family. Recession (leading to hiring freezes) + metro area saturated by nursing programs = No nursing shortage here. I have applied in three different states to probably 50 positions thus far, and no dice.

The good news is, the hiring freezes seem to be thawing at most hospitals, new postings are appearing every day, and we have been reassured time and again that it will get better very soon. In the meantime, I’m sending out my resume left and right to any position for which I am even remotely qualified.

I’m convinced this process involves more luck than anything else!

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