Hola via Ecto!

I’m trying my hand at a desktop blog publishing application that’s compatible with my Mac. I’ve already had a few technical difficulties, but the jury is still out. There is a learning curve to this stuff. The good news is, I get a 20-day free trial before I have to decide whether I’m willing to pay. And the lifetime fee is only $17.95. Not too shabby.

In other software news, I just found out about a free (with optional donation) program called Schoolhouse, that helps you organize assignments, exams, lecture notes, etc. I’ve tinkered with it a little and it actually looks pretty neat. Won’t have much use for it until May, but I thought I’d pass along the recommendation.

‘Looking forward to a big announcement from Apple tomorrow morning. Rumor has it they’ll be releasing a tablet Mac resembling a big iPhone. *Drool*

Can you tell I’m restless? 🙂

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