Grumble, Grumble

Today was a big downer. I received several automated e-mails regarding my job applications, saying “Thanks, but no thanks.”

The b*tch of it is that most jobs I have found require at least one year of nursing experience. But how are we supposed to get experience if no one will hire us?

The jobs that will take new grads “strongly prefer” a BSN. I don’t have one of those because my program considers them unnecessary, citing the fact that we already have a Bachelor’s degree. When we pointed this problem out to our school, they said we’ll just have to work a little harder to market ourselves and our strengths. But how are we supposed to market ourselves if we can’t even get past the first round of applications because everything is online and automated?

We have a pro-seminar coming up, to check in with everyone about how we’re doing on the job hunt. They may be getting an earful from me…

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