Shimmy Shimmy

There has been absolutely zero progress on the job front. Big surprise there.

But I am determined not to let this free time go to waste. I’ve been exercising like crazy, determined to get myself back into a routine of taking better care of myself. I fell off that wagon in nursing school (then rolled a few times into a muddy ditch…) So I’m hoping that if being healthy becomes “just what I do,” then when I’m super busy with school and work again, it will be a lot easier to maintain.

And then there’s Zumba. My saving grace. Never in my life have I had so much fun burning 600+ calories in an hour. It’s a fusion of Latin and international dance rhythms that works your entire body, makes you sweat like crazy and most importantly, makes you forget just how hard you’re working. That I never pursued dance is one of my biggest regrets. I’m no Laker Girl, but I’d like to think that I can hold my own on the dance floor.

I discovered Zumba two years ago and have been taking classes on and off since then. Last year I bought the DVDs. Recently I’ve become quite avid (some might say obsessed). I come home from class and stalk the Internet and iTunes, looking for the songs I just danced to and making my own playlists. Then I dream up my own choreography, in my living room, in the car, on the elliptical machine. I set a personal goal to become an instructor if the opportunity ever arose.

So when my favorite teacher announced last week that they’ll be doing an instructor workshop this spring, I just about jumped out of my skin. And signed up right away!

The way I see it, this has several advantages:

  1. It’ll keep me motivated until the workshop to maintain my current schedule. The more fit I am, the better instructor I’ll be.
  2. It’ll give me something to look forward to.
  3. It’ll give me a way to earn an income until I find a job. My preceptor told me that she’s hearing new grads are averaging 4-6 months to find a job. That puts me at gainful employment in April at the earliest. Might as well try to find ways to pay the rent.

No, this is not my calling. But it is something I love to do. And even when I do find a nursing job, it’s something I could feasibly continue, for my own mental and physical health.

So ditch the workout and come join me at the party! 🙂

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