Making My Case

Things are starting to crack open ever….so….slowly….

Tuesday night I received a call about a job I applied to way back in November, so long ago I had forgotten about it. 🙂 It was for an on-call position at a peds clinic. I ended up going in for the interview yesterday morning, and it felt really good just to get one under my belt. Not to mention the hiring manager didn’t seem to have any issues with me being a new grad. FINALLY, someone who doesn’t equate new grad with incompetent scum of the earth. I know I exaggerate but lately it hasn’t felt like we’re worth even glancing at unless we have that minimum one year of experience. “Preferred” actually means “required” in HR lingo.

Anyhoo, the interview went well and I should know by the end of next week if I’m still in the running. It’s only an on-call position and I’d feel bad taking it if I had solid leads for out-of-town positions, but I feel like I can finally exhale. Someone thinks I’m worth a conversation. That’s progress.

Yesterday afternoon my friend Katie and I drove out to a smaller hospital we had heard a lot about for their adherence to the Planetree model of patient-centered care. The more I learn about this philosophy, the more I think 1) Shouldn’t every hospital be a Planetree hospital? and 2) This is why I went into nursing!

So a few weeks ago, I contacted the hospital’s recruiters to ask if they would give us informational interviews, and they graciously carved out time for us. It was an incredible experience. Working for a hospital like that would be a dream come true. They will be hiring new grads, but not until June. Unfortunately, my financial situation cannot hold out that long. But they’ll be hearing from me in the future!

In other news, I applied for another oncology position locally – the position specifically said new grads would be considered if they showed a demonstrated interest in adult oncology. I happened to have the nurse manager’s direct contact information so I sent her an e-mail pretty much begging her to seriously consider me. Okay, not begging. But using every argument I could think of as to why she should take a closer look.

Lo and behold, this morning my application status went from “Active” to “Under Review.” Who knew begging worked? 😉

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