Movin’ On Up

Oh you sneaky, sneaky unit manager…

Apparently the job I interviewed for yesterday (that I thought was 0.8 FTE but was actually 0.6 FTE) wasn’t technically posted on the hospital’s website until this morning. No idea what happened to the 0.8 position – must have been filled and they went ahead and started interviewing for the 0.6 position, knowing that it would be posted today.

I know this because Human Resources called me today and said that since the job was posted today, they had to legally wait 7 days before they extended an official offer to their chosen candidate. So I won’t hear yay or nay until next Tuesday. It’s all good though, cuz that gives me more time to sniff out better leads so I don’t feel like a total idiot if they do offer me the job and I say no.

In other news, my phone interview today was both encouraging and disheartening. The manager was SO energetic and genuine and impressed with my resume and pre-nursing background. But their hospital only hires new grads through their RN Residency program, which occurs twice a year. And their most recent class started three weeks ago. Her words: “If I had had your application in hand 6 weeks ago, you’d be in our class right now.” Dammit, bad timing strikes again.

There was a glimmer of hope a little later though. I connected with another manager from the same hospital where I had interviewed yesterday, this time from their cardiac/telemetry floor, where they are specifically hiring for a telemetry RN residency. We chatted for about 15 minutes and REALLY connected…I felt so good when I got off the phone with her. Plus, she was very impressed that I already have my ACLS certification. 😉 I guess shelling out that $235 might be worth it after all?

I’ll be driving back up again next week, but I feel a lot more optimistic this time around, and I have more information going in this time. What is super exciting about the unit is that this summer they’ll be converting half of it into a step-down/progressive care unit, and half will remain cardiac/tele. I think this environment would be challenging, fascinating and pretty much amazing. If I wasn’t in oncology, my other choice for adult nursing would be cardiac care.  So I’m kind of pumped.

I’ve learned by now not to get my sights set on any one job at any one place. And no more apartment-hunting on craigslist before offers are extended either! This getting ahead of myself has way too many emotional consequences when things don’t go as expected.

The plan is to go to the interview thinking optimistically and preparing fully, hope that I impress her and she impresses me, and see what happens. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking.

How very grown-up of you, Nurse Teeny. 🙂

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