Tap, Tap, Tap

I feel like a baby chick hatching out of her egg. The more I tap, the more progress I make.

I just set up an interview for another Med/Surg job, this one with a hospital system about 90 minutes south of here.

My fellow hatchlings are making progress too. Two of us got jobs last week. Two good friends have had happy news.  N. had a stellar interview for a postpartum/L&D position at the same hospital where I’m interviewing for the tele residency. K. got a call from a local ER manager today regarding an informational interview and a possible opening that could be posted in the near future.

And K and I are headed to meet with our Dean in an hour, to advocate for ourselves and future cohorts, to make sure that regardless of crappy economies and saturated job markets, our school of nursing is more pro-active about supporting its students, rather than shoving us out the door.

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