Be Still My Heart

Night and day.

That was my interview experience one floor up (and a universe away) from last week’s travesty. I walked off the elevator and the entire mood was lighter, people were helping each other out and smiling and it just *felt* better. Sometimes you just get a vibe.

And then there was the interview. An hour and 15 minutes of honest give-and-take, laughter, encouragement and warmth.


The manager had also invited one of the Critical Care unit educators to attend the interview because half of the floor will be converting to a Progressive Care/Step Down Unit. I had originally thought that I was interviewing for one Med-Surg/Tele job and that if hired, I would also cross-train onto PCU.

Oh no, I was actually interviewing for two jobs.Either the Med-Surg/Tele position or the PCU job. Both new grad residencies.


They were so positive about how the interview went. In fact, they basically hinted – rather strongly – that it was highly likely I’d be getting one, if not two, offers out of the interview. When I looked like I was about to cry tears of joy at this news, I explained how hard the past few months had been for our class. And they expressed how short-sighted it was of hospitals to be instituting hiring freezes and cancelling new grad residencies. They know another nursing shortage is coming when the economy improves and another generation of nurses can retire, and they know that they need to keep investing in the next generation of nurses to come. How very wise.

At the end of our conversation (because that’s truly what it felt like), the ICU Educator gave me a tour of the Med-Surg/Tele floor and the current ICU/PCU floors, and explained how things were going to be shuffled around. Then she sat me down and explained how the PCU residency worked and warned me about its intensity and high expectations. Intensity is my middle name folks! And if anyone ever had high expectations of themselves, that would be yours truly.

So we’ll see what HR has to say when they call. But it looks like our little family may be relocating. It’ll be a change but a welcome one. S will have a new job market (this area has not been kind to him either), the pups will have a new area to explore, and hopefully we’ll be able to put down a few roots for at least a couple of years.

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