The Waiting Game

I’m going nuts. Not to mention I got saddled with a cold/flu last week that has had me on bedrest all weekend. I’m finally feeling well enough to be bored out of my mind and VERY conscious of the fact that tomorrow is Monday.

My interview was Thursday. My contact in HR was in meetings all day Friday.I left her a message because she had asked me to call her after I completed my interview.

I’ve had a total of three interviews at this hospital. I have no idea whether I’ll be getting an offer behind Door #1, but even if I did, I wouldn’t take it. Door #2 would be Med-Surg/Telemetry, and I got the impression that the manager and I really connected last week. Then again, you know what they say about making assumptions…

Door #3 would be Choice #1: the PCU Residency. The PCU educator said she’d have her recommendation to the unit managers ASAP but that it could take them a few days to contact HR themselves. And she did not say for certain what her recommendation will be. Again, I felt good about the interview, but she doesn’t get to make the final call.

So do I expect at least a check-in call tomorrow from the recruiter? Or will there be one phone call later in the week, with a cumulative report of where I am wanted and where I am not?

In the meantime, I have an interview scheduled elsewhere on Wednesday afternoon. Do I keep it? I risk putting all my eggs in one basket if I don’t go. But I am worn down by this process.

Hopefully the phone will ring and the decision will be made for me. 🙂

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