New Frontiers

It was a day of adventures for S and me.

I had to drive back up to the hospital for my pre-employment Criminal Background Check/Drug Screen. Rather than waste 2.5 hours of driving (one-way) on a 45-minute visit, I invited my guy to make a day out of it and explore our home-to-be.

So after verifying that I am not in fact a convicted felon and voiding into a cup, we took off for “S and Teeny’s Day of Fun”. At the suggestions of a few friends, we had some places in mind, so we pointed the GPS in the right direction and took off. We discovered some adorable neighborhoods, saw some AMAZING scenery, and started to feel really excited about this next step.

We also started looking at potential housing. We had very little previous knowledge of our new fair city, except by reputation, but we have done a lot of research online and asked a few friends who have lived in the area before.

And I think we have found a strong candidate. It’s at the high end of our budget, but it has pretty much everything we are looking for. And we both agreed that we’d rather scrape by until S finds a new job, but live in a place where we feel settled, that feels like a home. We’re too old and too tired to keep uprooting ourselves. 🙂

Things are starting to come together. And this is starting to feel very real!

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