Big Day

I think we found it.

Well, at least we submitted an application this morning, so we better have found it. 🙂

We ended up viewing three houses yesterday and driving by a fourth. We both agreed that the first house was our favorite so we decided to go with it.

Funny story…the property manager who showed us that house was nice enough but not especially friendly UNTIL I mentioned that I was a Registered Nurse. Then she warmed up immediately. There’s something about being a nurse that makes you more likeable and trustworthy by virtue of your profession. (And that’s not just anecdotal either, folks. Nurses have been voted the most trusted profession in America for eight years running!)

So hopefully my trustworthiness as a nurse extends to my creditworthiness as a consumer, and our application goes through without a hitch! Our goal is to move over Easter weekend. Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed!

In other news, Human Resources called today and my criminal background check/drug screen/references all cleared. Yay!  I updated the recruiter about my own timeline and gave her the dates of my upcoming grad school weekend classes/family conflicts so that she could pass them along. All that’s left is for the unit managers to alert HR when they’re ready for me. Apparently the hospital has a new employee orientation coming up in three weeks. In a perfect world, they’ll be able to plug me in to that. Yahoo!!!

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