John Hancock Day

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. Mine has been full of packing. 🙂

We did have some friends over yesterday for a farewell/Easter brunch. The mimosas flowed and we enjoyed good eatin’ and good conversation.

Friday was a big day. I drove back up to the hospital to sign my life away. A.k.a. make it official…I AM NOW AN EMPLOYEE OF THE HEALTH SYSTEM!!!

I met with the Employee Health Nurse to make sure my immunizations were up-to-date (they were – thank you nursing school!), had my picture taken for my name badge, got my staff parking pass, went over our orientation schedule, learned about benefits and HR business, and signed a MOUNTAIN of paperwork. One interesting form I noticed was that I have to commit to work in Critical Care for a full year after I complete the residency (which is 3-5 months), or else I owe the hospital $1000.

Sneaky McSneak Sneaks. 😉

Not that I blame them. These residencies must be a huge investment on their part. I’m more than willing to stick around for a year and keep building my skills at an awesome hospital. I’m sure it will fly by. I just thought it was interesting that they slipped that one in with the other forms and failed to mention such an obligation until Friday…

The way I see it, I’ll be starting clinical hours for my Master’s degree in about 18 months anyway. When I am doing those hours on top of regular schoolwork and my job, better to seek flexibility in a job where I have some seniority, where they know me and (hopefully) like me. So I’ll probably stick with this until I graduate with my MSN in 2012, and then evaluate where I want to go from there. By that point, I’ll have 2 years as a Progressive Care RN under my belt and can pretty much write my own ticket.

I can’t wait to share the journey with y’all!

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