First Shift Debrief

You know the saying, “Dive in headfirst”?

That was my first day in the PCU.

Apparently it was a particularly harried day on the unit. By the end of the shift, almost every nurse had apologized to me about how crazy my first day had been.

But hey, what better way to learn, right?

The morning started off mellow with two patients who seemed manageable enough. But then I made the mistake of remarking to someone how a quiet first morning was probably a good thing.

NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER say something like that out loud. I should have known by now.

Right around lunch we got a transfer from the floor and my preceptor and I had no choice but to pick up a third patient, who happened to be super complicated.

Needless to say, the afternoon became much more busy. No code on my watch, but three patients in critical care is A LOT!

The good news overall is that the staff is wonderful. Very supportive and took me under their wing and made me feel like part of the team. No presumptions about what I already know and no attitudes when I asked a stupid question. I think it will be a great environment for learning how to be a nurse. And after overhearing my counterparts in my new hire education classes, I am SO thankful for my unit educators. They have their sh*t together! The Residency program is super-organized and I will emerge from this very well prepared for my career in nursing.

Is this where I belong in the long-term? It’s only been a day so it’s not really fair to predict, but I will say that I kept feeling drawn to my one patient with a new cancer diagnosis. Yes, oncology nursing seems to have a magnetic pull on me.

But I’m here for now. And I can be confident that I will go to work every day knowing that I will be learning and growing as a nurse. And that’s pretty damn awesome.

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