Nerd Alert

Nurse Teeny gets to go back to school in two weeks. WHEEEEEE!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The title of this post says it all! 😉

I’ve been feeling a decided lack of intellectual stimulation this spring, as our school gave us a semester off between pre-licensure classes and MSN coursework to find our jobs. Thankfully the past few weeks have picked up in that department, because my residency has provided an intense litany of content review…much welcomed too, since it’s been four months since I did anything nursing-related.

But I continue my formal education this month when I start working on my Master’s degree, in pursuit of my certification as a Clinical Nurse Leader (look for a post about the CNL role in the near future). The format of our graduate coursework is very job-friendly, with much of the content completed online. We go back to campus one weekend per month for two-day intensive weekend immersions. In two years, I’ll graduate with my MSN. Who knows what happens after that?

I’m the type of dork who can’t get enough of school. They’re going to have to drag me off campus someday, kicking and screaming. When I’ve run out of stuff to study, I’ll just go back and teach. 😉 There is always something new to learn, always a way to improve your practice, always a contribution you can make to health care.

What are your educational goals? Do you see yourself returning to school after you complete your current program? Or are you done and they couldn’t pay you to crack a book again? 🙂 How will you continue your learning as a professional nurse, whether or not you pursue additional degrees?

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