At this time tomorrow Ill be heading in for my first night shift.

While my anxiety about showing up to work is starting to subside, I am SUPER nervous about this new schedule. Of all the phrases I would use to describe myself, “night owl” is not one of them. 🙂

I’ve been staying up late at night, trying to break my body in gently. A tall order for someone who is rarely awake past 10 pm. Tomorrow S and I are putting up blackout curtains in the bedroom, and I’ll be doing a trial run of a daytime melatonin “nap”. Different nurses who work night shift have suggested different pharmacological cocktails, but I’m going to try to avoid heavily medicating myself for now.

I think the key is going to be just taking care of myself. Continuing to exercise, eat healthy, sleep when I need to. Bringing plenty of coffee to work (the cafeteria is closed at night). Becoming nocturnal is an odd feeling when most of the world is asleep. But at least I’ll be getting paid extra for it!

Any other tips for surviving night shift?

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