Change of Shift

I’m honored to host Change of Shift: Volume 4, Number 23. Thanks to Kim at Emergiblog for this amazing opportunity to bring together the nursing community!

Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff…

May signals transitions, and several CoS-ers addressed this very issue. the Muse, RN confronted the age-old issue of initiating new grad RNs into practice in “No, We Neglect Them“. As a new RN myself, all I can say about this post is THANK YOU! I only wish there were more nurses out there like you!

Over at The Millionaire Nurse, Dr. Dean offers some brilliant advice for high school graduates about paying for college and nursing school. How come I didn’t know about your blog two years ago, Dr. Dean????

There is a plethora of excellent advice about nursing school offered over at BestNursingDegree.com. Definitely did not get a chance to read through the entire list of topics, but they basically asked a group of experienced RNs questions such as “How old is too old to become a nurse?” (my opinion: You’re never too old) and “What should I look for in an RN-to-BSN program?” and put together all of the answers in one place. They also offer descriptions of the various nursing specialties. There are about 30 questions (not including the specialty descriptions).

Speaking of specialties, hop on over to Who’s Life Is This Anyways? for her “Sunday’s Specialty” feature. Every Sunday she asks a nurse to post about a variety of nursing specialties – she’s a few weeks in, and it has been fascinating. Ahem, be on the lookout in the near future for a post from yours truly about peds hem/onc ;-).

Then there is the uncomfortably familiar reality that new grads are finding it more difficult to find jobs. Nursing is not recession-proof after all. And yet more and more people are applying to nursing programs. Schools across the program are saturated, but jobs for new grads are in short supply. Nurse Keith addresses this issue in “Everyone’s Going to Nursing School“.

Interestingly we had a couple of submissions about foot-in-mouth disease (or some variation). How many of us have remarked about things being quiet on the floor, only to have all hell break loose for the rest of the shift? You know it’s happened to you. Lisa takes it one step further in Jinx; apparently whenever she encourages or reassures a patient that “they are going to be fine,” said patient is likely to crash once leaving her care. Yikes. But it really does go to show that the most stable-looking patient may be in the most trouble later on. You never really know.

Nurse Me continues the theme in “Forgive Me Father…” when she discusses learning to develop a filter. It’s a challenge for us all. We cope with the emotional demands of our work with various methods, sometimes with humor that would be considered inappropriate if heard by the wrong ears. But what if we slipped? Or what if we cracked a joke and someone we thought we would “get it” doesn’t really get it? It’s a constant balancing act. And I for one appreciate Nurse Me’s honesty about her own journey!

Speaking of filters, have you ever been asked about your job by a friend or family? And you go off about something really gross (a.k.a. cool) that you saw at work the other day, not noticing the horrified look on your loved one’s face? Guilty as charged. Laney offers an amusing take on this very familiar nursing faux pas in “Blood and guts and … food?

Finally, Chris over at The Man-Nurse Diaries leaves us with very important food for thought about how hasty we are to medicate emotions, rather than deal with them. Thank you for your powerful post, Chris.

And thanks for several more blogs that I have to add to my blogroll and Google Reader. As if I wasn’t behind already. Sheesh. 😉

I love that this volume of dialogue is happening out there. I love that nurses care as much as we do! I love being part of this community. It is a true privilege!

And it’s been a joy to host CoS this time around! Look out for the next edition on June 10 – hosted by Nurses Network!

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