Good News and Sorta Good News

We’re coming to the end of a six-week schedule. So at our residency learning day last week, we were all expecting to get our schedules for the next six-week rotation. When everyone had gotten theirs but me, the unit educator looked at me and said “Nurse Teeny, we’ll do yours but first the assistant nurse manager needs to talk to you.”

My heart dropped to my knees and the following internal monologue proceeded to play in my head.

Oh holy crap. I AM SO FIRED. What did I do? Who did I kill? Did they find this blog and decide I said something they didn’t like? Did I get an evaluation that was THAT bad? OMG. I’m not even going to get a schedule today because I AM SO FIRED.

When the other unit educator saw the apparently terrified look on my face, she pulled me aside and reassured me that I was in fact not in trouble. Then she took me to the manager’s office for a little one-on-one.

Apparently the big hullabaloo was that they wanted to switch me from nights to days for a while, but needed a manager to okay the whole transaction and sign off that she had run the idea by me first. My need for one weekend off a month, combined with switching me between days for residency classes and nights for orientation shifts, was wearing down on the unit educators’ abilities to schedule me with consistent preceptors.

So there you have it. As of June 13, I’ll be back on day shift for the foreseeable future. I’ve been reassured that I was hired for nights and that if I want to be on night shift when my residency classes are completed, I can certainly return. I’ve also been reassured that I can re-orient to nights for a few weeks before I am on my own completely.

So there’s the sorta good news. I was getting used to the ebb and flow of night shift and kinda liking it. Day shift is effing nuts. But it will be good for me to understand the ins and outs of both. And my body was NOT liking rotating back and forth between days for classes and nights for work. So I’ll get a reprieve from that nonsense.

The GOOD news is that once everything was sorted out and my schedule put together, I will be with the same preceptor for the next six weeks (with the exception of three shifts)! Woohoo! And word on the street is that she is sharp as a tack and an excellent teacher! Double woohoo!

Am I a bit intimidated by this sudden switch. Mmm hmm…

But I am totally and completely thrilled that I’ll have a consistent mentor, who will be able to track my progress throughout the summer?

Hell yes!

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