One Step Forward…

…you know how the rest of it goes… 🙂

What galls me about being a new nurse is how unpredictably unpredictable it is! One minute I feel on top of the world and the next I feel like a first-day nursing student, stumbling over basic pharmacology. It ain’t pretty.

Last week and yesterday I was handling a full patient load beautifully. My preceptors were helping with linen changes, accuchecks, and answering questions here and there, but I was basically doing it myself. I took a peek at the eval my preceptor filled out on me yesterday and she even called me “confident”. There’s an adjective I wouldn’t have used on myself for the past two months.

Then came today’s shift. What a cluster. It started crazy and got crazier.

*Note to all doctors out there: If you are planning to transfer a patient to another hospital and have made the arrangements with said hospital, MAKE SURE YOUR NURSES KNOW TOO! We got a call for report first thing this morning from the receiving hospital and all I had heard from night shift was that transfer was a “possibility” and the only indication in the patient’s chart was a progress note from yesterday regarding a discussion the doctor had had about a transfer. No discharge orders, nothing finalized. It was a mess.*

I stayed 45 minutes past end of shift catching up on my charting, spent my entire drive home remembering tiny things I should have mentioned in report and am tossing and turning, worrying about my very acute patients and hearing the sounds of IV pumps ringing in my ears.

Welcome to nursing. 😉

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