A Retirement, of Sorts

12 hour shifts are no bed of roses for the ol’ footsies.

And this week I’ve decided to hang up my Danskos, once and for all.

When I first ventured into 12-hour days my last semester of nursing school, I knew my cheap-o Nurse Mates were not going to cut it. So Mom bought me a pair of Danskos for my birthday. I had heard about these “magical” clogs for years, but I had also heard they either worked for you or they didn’t.

After trying valiantly for 8 months, I’m afraid I fall into the “not” category. Although the fit was perfect according to the lady at the clogs store, by about hour ten, my arches start to ache and my toes start to cramp up. By the end of shift, I’m limping to my car. 🙁

I gave it my best shot. They’re a super cute design so I’ll still wear ’em with jeans (after cleaning them vigorously). But I’m afraid that when it comes to professional wear, Dansko and I are just not compatible.

I’ve been wearing my Timberlands more and more (I now have a pair in each design – my favorite is the Professional), and I have to say that I am SOLD! My feet are a little tired at the end of shift (heck, my whole body is tired), but I still have a spring in my step on my way out the door.

I’m saving up to buy a Professional pair in black. Then I can have some fun with colors. 🙂

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