Silent Semester

I realized today that I’ve been so caught up in the experience of being a new nurse that there hasn’t been much news on the grad school front. But then again, there hasn’t been all that much to share. The first semester of my CNL program is over in three weeks and so far it’s been reading, writing and a whole lot of head spinning. A quick run down of my courses:

  • Advanced Nursing Theory – The in-class discussions were marvelous – I could have soaked those up for hours more (Shhh…don’t tell my classmates or I’ll be tarred and feathered for admitting that ;-)), but it was a difficult class to do at a distance because the online forums  got frustrating at times. Our theory papers were torturous gifts…I hated every second of writing the thing but I learned a lot from the process. Overall, the course confirmed that a Ph.D in nursing is certainly within the realm of possibilities for me.
  • Role Development – The intention of this class was to help us learn more about the Clinical Nurse Leader role. I think it did accomplish this objective. But I don’t know if that helped or hurt the program because I think a lot of people realized that they don’t want to be CNLs and now they feel even more stuck.
  • Stats – We had the option of taking it this summer or next spring. It’s been hell, but I wanted to get it over with and I am SO glad I did. A lot of repetition from our prelicensure nursing class, but this time we’re actually running statistics. Reason #1 it’s been hell: the statistics software hates my Mac and therefore doing our modules has been a headache every week. Reason #2 it’s been hell: I was an anthropology major in undergrad and am therefore a qualitative researcher through and through. I could care less about t-tests and ANOVAs, but I guess I should understand them. Meh. We do have to write proposals as if we were going to actually carry out big research projects, and I’m doing mine on the effects of new grad residency programs. So that’s at least been interesting. 🙂 I’m hoping to share some of my literature findings with you all during my time off in August.

So that’s all there is to it. No clinicals for the entire first year – hello grad school! This fall we’ll be taking “Communication & Relationships” and “Advanced Clinical Foundations”. I’m thankful that I got my heavy semester over with first thing!

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