Hoot Hoot

I’m back to being a night owl. Trying to force myself to stay up late tonight and re-acclimate my body to being awake at odd hours…I’m struggling. First of three in a row is on Monday. And then a four-hour residency class Thursday morning. Oh yes, and a rough-draft of a 10 page paper due this week. Ask me if I’ve started it. FML.

It was strange to part ways with my preceptor last Thursday, after almost six weeks. I can definitively say that a consistent teacher is the way to go in a new grad residency! I’ve grown more with her than two years of nursing school and my first two months of work. She was able to see where I was strong and where I needed more support, she was familiar with my learning style, and we were able to move forward with each shift because she already knew me.

The good news is, I’ll have a consistent preceptor on nights, who I’ve had before and really admire. Target date for being on my own: August 25th. *Gulp.*

One of the nurses on our unit asked me if I had been an LPN before becoming an RN. She said it seemed like I had good nursing instincts and a good grasp of clinical situations that a lot of new grads showed when they had prior health care exposure. No previous nursing experience, but I’m sure personal experience counts for something! Her observation did make my day, though. Maybe I’m getting this nursing thing after all. 🙂

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