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Going Global: The Long and Winding (Ghanaian) Road

Last week I started a new series designed to open our minds to nursing and health care across borders and cultures.¬†Going Global¬†really began 10 years ago, when I studied abroad in Ghana, fell in love with the country, and decided to go back after I graduated college. Luckily Davidson had an incredible program that awarded …

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Going Global: Moving to the UK as a Nurse

Earlier this week we explored the process of becoming a nurse in the United Kingdom. Now let’s talk about a different step…moving to the UK as a licensed nurse from your home country! Considering the steps required to relocate from state-to-state, I can imagine this might be a complex process. But Sarah Gill of Nurse …

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Going Global: Becoming a Nurse in the UK

In the midst of thinking about possible guest posts, I had a sudden flash of inspiration! What if we opened our minds a little bit to the world of nursing …. around the world! I think it would be so interesting to hear how our experiences as nurses and students compare and contrast. Do we …

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