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Nurse Practitioner-Ish

My transition from registered nurse to nurse practitioner has been somewhat long and drawn out, but I am realizing via conversations with my peers that this is nothing new. What I hadn’t realized when I started this experience is that there are multiple steps to actually practicing: Pass the national certification exam. Become licensed in the …

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And now I understand why people become Subaru owners for life...

Helloooooooooo friends! I’ve missed you! Where to even begin with the last six-ish months of life happenings?!? I think what I plan/intend to do is give you a quick synopsis – with more detailed posts to come – in the hopes that 1) it will keep you coming back after my unplanned hiatus and 2) …

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We Must Do Better

Dear Colleagues, I have a request. And it isn’t a small one. But it’s a crucial one. You see, I work in an inpatient hospice unit. Inpatient hospice signifies that patients require a level of care that cannot be managed in the home setting. They must have active symptoms to qualify for inpatient care. It’s …

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Another One for the Books

Gah, someday I will recapture the art of blogging whilst studying, but apparently it’s not today… Tuesday I submitted my final paper/project of the fall semester. Today I saw that my final grades were posted. Stick a fork in me. That’s a wrap. Another one bites the dust. … Can you tell I’m a bit …

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Thoughts on Brittany’s Choice

Chances are, you’ve heard the name “Brittany Maynard” uttered frequently over the past several weeks. Chances are, your social media feeds have been full of videos, articles and opinions posted about the decision the 29-year old made to publicly share her decisions related to her terminal glioblastoma diagnosis. Chances are, you have strong feelings about …

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Product Review: Tafford Plus Size Scrubs

I am constantly in the market for scrubs that are comfortable, fit well and will effectively cover me when I’m on my feet for 12 hours. This is not an easy task when most scrubs retailers feature models who wear a size 0 and make it appear as if you could run a marathon in …

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I have been fully immersed in my new role(s) for over a month now. I’m surely still in the honeymoon period, so take this with a grain of salt, but I am soooooo much happier in general. I even went back to my old hospital to visit a friend who had been admitted, and one …

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It’s been three weeks since I worked my last shift in the hospital. My departure was rather anticlimactic. Whereas most staff who leave get a send-off potluck or at least a card, I arrived on my last day with most people not even aware that I had resigned. I got individual well-wishes and hugs from co-workers …

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Response Team

Like many hospitals, mine has a Rapid Response team (RRT). Although they go by different names, they have a similar purpose: To provide complex and rapid medical support to a patient who is acutely decompensating but does not require resuscitation (yet). The goal of RRTs is to stabilize these patients and prevent the need for calling …

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Another Chapter

I mentioned the other day that I had some new opportunities in the works after resigning from my job. Now that they have come to fruition, I can share the exciting news! I have accepted two per diem positions, one in inpatient hospice and one on a hem/onc floor across town. Since both are PRN, …

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