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How I practice it (and how I need to)


2014: Learning to Say “No”

So far my 30s have been anything but calm. The traditional cultural perception that your 20s are tumultuous certainly held true for me, but I am beginning to think that the whole idea of settling down and really being a grown up (whatever that means) is total and complete hogwash. Every year feels like a …

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Ready for Fall

Last time I lived in North Carolina, back in my college days, migraines were not a part of my life. No, those little bastards didn’t show up until nursing school. I have been able to identify a number of migraine triggers over the years: red wine (sob), dark liquor (sniffle), sleep/wake cycle issues, fatigue, menstrual …

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New Directions Indeed

I resigned from my job last week. It was a long time coming, really. If this summer was about learning to say “No,” this decision was about saying no to drama. Since I crashed and burned last fall, I like I have been in an emotional tug of war with my manager and clinical lead. …

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Baby Steps

One of the biggest challenges of walking the walk is knowing where to start. The ambitious “I will take better care of myself” proclamations can quickly turn into empty promises, especially when we bite off more than we can chew. (Source) I don’t plan to set bold goals such as I will lose xx pounds …

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That Whole “Self-Care” Thing

As I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into school, my self-care practices have been … well, lackluster (and that’s a generous descriptor). I pointed out in my 2013 year in review post that self-care got replaced by survival because I had little energy to do much else. But my pea brain has started figuring something out: …

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Ode to the Needle

One of my unspoken resolutions for 2014 was to tackle these migraines. Why unspoken? Because announcing my goals tends to have the opposite effect for me that it does for others…rather than hold me accountable, my spoken resolutions cause me to rebel against them completely. I think I subconsciously start believing that I don’t have …

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Problem Solving

I’ve posted a lot on this blog about my struggles with migraine headaches. But it occurred to me recently that I haven’t really shared the experience of finding solutions to this very big problem that has interfered significantly with my life and my work. I thought I’d post about my current regimen (and its pros/cons) …

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Working in oncology (and anticipating a lifelong career in this direction) sometimes elicits raised eyebrows. So much sadness, right? How do you deal? I deal by recognizing what a gift this work can be… I’ve been on my unit long enough that many of our long-term patients (and their families) are starting to become familiar. …

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Six Months In

I had my mid-year evaluation at work yesterday. It’s hard to believe I’ve been back in acute care nursing for six months already (longer than I lasted the first time). A lot of things haven’t changed from my stint in PCU – I still dream about work all the time, I still have moments when I …

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So I’ve been neglecting y’all lately. I apologize. S has not been working and I have subsequently been picking up extra shifts to try and make up the difference in our income. Luckily he found a new job (yay!), so hopefully things will be slowing down for me a little. Thank goodness. I’m tired. Here’s …

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