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Nurse Teeny’s Favorite Things

When did it become December??? Not that I’m complaining …we’ve already had our first snowfall (before Thanksgiving, even!). So I’m definitely in a festive mood, what with the perpetually lit fireplace, balsam fir-scented candles, and Starbucks peppermint mochas at my beck and call… 🙂 Pandora is my new best friend while I’m studying – their …

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NCLEX Prep Reflections

Now that Nurse Teeny is a bona fide RN, I thought I’d share some of my own tips/tricks about the NCLEX process. Hopefully I will be able to provide you with a few pearls of wisdom that will offer some comfort. I remember the experience like it was yesterday, because, well, it practically was… 😉 …

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Done and Done

I signed up for Hurst Review‘s online program today and I am feeling good about my decision, despite the steep price tag. They do offer their review in a 4-day class if you can find one locally, but it was $50 more. I’m actually thinking that watching the lectures by Marlene Hurst, the founder of …

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The Dreaded NCLEX

The countdown has begun, folks.  One more semester until I place my career, my future, and my livelihood in the hands of a computerized, adaptive, multiple choice test. Intimidating, much? But never fear, for Nurse Teeny has a plan.  I am not taking any chances on this puppy and have come up with a study …

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