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Pie In the Sky

Every so often, I check the careers website at the hospital where I did my senior practicum, just to humor myself. I think to myself, maybe someday there will be an opening in peds hematology/oncology? Well today’s the day, folks. I feasted my eyes on the job description – 0.6 FTE, nights (blech!), but on …

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Paying My Respects

Well, I did it. After a great deal of soul searching, reading your thoughts (Thank you all!) and chatting with my preceptor, I decided it would be appropriate to attend my patient’s funeral. I agreed wholeheartedly with poetrystruth‘s comment: I’m still a student but I believe that we provide the care as needed and then …

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What It’s All About

I would like to take a deep breath and step away from the drama and bitterness and anger. I found out more awful news from my peds hem/onc capstone world. News I’ve been expecting but dreading since the day I left. My little patient, the one I took care of every single shift for the …

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