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Speak Your Mind

The folks over at BestNursingDegree.com want to hear from you! They are in the midst of developing additional resources for nursing students and new grad nurses and would love to get your feedback on two important issues: Expectations versus Realities as a New Nurse NCLEX Study Tips Click on the links above and let them …

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The Myth of the Second Degree Nurse

I’ve had enough. Enough of being told that people like me may be “smart”, but can’t make clinical decisions where it counts. Enough of having derogatory labels bestowed upon me. It’s time to set the record straight. I present to you my favorite myths about second degree nurses and nursing students (SDNs). SDNs are ambitious/cutthroat/want …

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Nursing Student Socialization

So here I am, two weeks from the start of school and mute on the evidence-based blogging front.  Sorry, folks!  My time off this month has been a bit of a roller roaster.  But then again, what better time to discuss research about the nursing school experience than when thousands of students are returning for …

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