Bookworm, RN

A reading list about nursing, medicine, health, and health care.

Recommendations from your friendly neighborhood bookshelves – see pages below. I’ll include links to Amazon and Goodreads reviews where I can find them (as well as reviews that are featured on this blog as part of our virtual book club). I’ll also link to your blog/Twitter page when you make a recommendation.

Send me your recommendations today!

Bookworms: Health Care/Improvement

Non-fiction books that discuss the state of our current health care system. This category includes books that make recommendations for improving quality, safety, cost-savings, etc. Hint: This is a great place to find supplemental reading for nursing school leadership classes. If you have time for such things. 😉 The Checklist Manifesto (Source) I mentioned this …

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Bookworms: Nurses Nursing

Fiction or non-fiction books by and/or about nurses.

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Bookworms: Doctored Up

Books by and/or about our medical colleagues. Because we need to work together and they often have important things to share.

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Bookworms: Our Health

In the spirit of self-care and holistic nursing, this category is about looking after your most important patient: YOU!

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Bookworms: Just for Fun

Because sometimes you need to read about something other than nursing. 😉 Every so often, I’ll review a book that has nothing to do with health care. Feel free to add your own suggestions!  Her Nowhere by Brigetta Schwaiger The Bitch in the House by Cathi Hanauer The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler and The Murderer’s Daughters by …

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